Custom Branding
Put your brand centre stage!

We’ve worked with several big brands whom we ‘white label’ our bikes for. This means that the bikes are a blank canvas that become fully branded with your company’s logo and promotional material, so the smoothie bikes are seen as part of your company innovation and brand.

Dole Event

Because Cycle Blend bikes are such a star attraction, they are the perfect way to ensure your brand is centre stage at your next event.

To book a bike that includes the white label feature, see our Packages Page or please fill in our enquiry form here.

Here’s what some of our happy clients had to say about their white labelled branded Cycle Blend bikes:

“Dole New Zealand booked Cycle Blend to promote products in supermarkets and at sponsored events. Each of the bike demos made two styles of Dole smoothies; one with yoghurt and milk, and one with orange juice and ice. It was well worth the efforts for the customer interest, the staff participation and the sales.” – Dole NZ