Event Activation

We believe that the planet is an important place to protect. So where we can, we choose suppliers that have made a commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Packaging and Waste

We use Innocent Packaging and Ecoware for our commercially compostable cups, lids and straws. Their products are made from polylactic acid (PLA), which is extracted from corn. This means they can be commercially composted within 90 days after use. They cannot be composted in the ordinary home compost bin because the temperature does not get hot enough, so we collect the PLA waste at the end of an event and ensure that it goes to the correct facility.


Ser!ous Smoothies are our smoothie base of choice, which are all natural and contain no nasties – meaning Cycle Blend customers are getting the best out of their smoothie bike experience. The bases also contain no refined sugar! These days everyone is concerned about refined sugar, so the only sugar found in our smoothies comes naturally from the fruit itself.

Frozen mango – a customer favourite – is supplied by Fruzio. This delicious product contains no additives and is the best way to incorporate mango into smoothies. Additionally, Fruzio supports the Ornithological Society of New Zealand helping our native birds.