Do you supply staff to run the event?

Absolutely. Our professional staff are experienced in interacting with the public and optimising each
person’s experience on the bike. This allows your team to make the most of the crowd that is drawn

Do the bikes or blenders leave any mess?

No, everything is self-contained and requires minimal fuss to clear up at the end of your event.

Is Cycle Blend able to be done in my office?

Yes the bikes are great fun in the office, though we take no responsibility for distracting employees!

How much room do I need?

3m x 3m is the area size that works best.

How long does it take to make a smoothie?

Approximately 30 – 40 seconds, though there are some who claim to have done it faster. What will be your personal best?

Can I bring my own ingredients, what about allergies and dietary requirements?

We take the hassle out of everything by providing the ingredients and recipes for some delicious
smoothie combos for you. We use snap frozen fresh ingredients with no added nasties. We can provide ingredients for the following diets and allergies;
– Dairy free
– Nut Free
– Vegan
– Vegetarian

Contact us if you’d like to discuss promoting your own ingredients using the bikes.

Do you supply recipes?

Yes! We have loads of ideas for recipes and are more than happy to help you out. We can help you tailor what you make depending on your event and guests.

How fit do people need to be to make a smoothie?

No level of fitness is required. Think of it as a ride in the park!

Do we need to supply water or electricity?

We bring everything you’ll need, including our own water supply. Electricity is only required if we are at an event outside after the sun has gone down.

How long does the event normally go for?

The average event is 3 hours, however we have high grade chilly-bins which allow us to operate for up to six hours.

How do you keep waste management of cups, lids etc under control? Are your products recyclable?

We do our bit for the planet by using only compostable cups, lids and straws. We also remove all of our waste to ensure that recycling is completed.

What size drinks do you supply?

This depends on your needs. We supply three different sizes;
– 420 ml – standard smoothie with lid and straw
– 250ml – half sized smoothie with lid and straw
– 100 ml – paper sample size

I’m not in Auckland – can I still hire a bike?

Yes. We cover north of Auckland as far as Warkworth and as far south as Taupo. We can provide a quote for delivery based on your area. Please contact us for events elsewhere in New Zealand.

How much does it cost?

That depends on what you want to achieve from your event. We have various packages available, or we can customise a package that best matches your needs.

Can I hire the bike for a multi day event?

Absolutely. We can provide a consistent service including (removal of waste and supply of ingredients) over several days.

Can I hire a bike to run myself at my event?

You sure can. We give you a demonstration when we deliver the bikes. You can download the standard User Guide here.

Can I buy a bike?

We carefully handcraft each build of our beautiful bikes ourselves from scratch in West Auckland. Please do contact us to discuss options.

How do I look after a Cycle Blend bike?

Our bikes are great fun and to ensure that they run well check out this PDF Operation, Care and Maintenance.