It’s super simple.

You jump on the bike, pedal for about 30 seconds, and voila – you’ve got a delicious, healthy and fresh smoothie.

Our custom blender bikes are 100% kiwi designed and built. The bikes won’t actually take you anywhere, but we’ve done something even better than taking the scenic route!

With a connected smoothie blender that is fully pedal powdered by it’s rider, you can now go on your own smoothie making adventure without lifting a finger (but maybe your feet).

The bikes require no electricity, make no mess and can be operated in a small space – even your office.

They are regularly used as a branded ambassador at a large variety of functions, at team-building or company health & wellness days for your staff or as large star attractions at events and expos.

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We even offer a White Label package, so the bikes are professionally fitted with your own branding for your next event or promotion.

Cycle Blend smoothie bikes are a great fit for a range of events as we customise all our packages to suit the occasion.

Take a look at our packages available here, or contact us to customise something to suit your needs.