Super portable sound and power

Just as the name says, now you can use your legs to generate watts. If you want to party off the grid anywhere, charge a bunch of cell phones or teach energy efficiency in an interactive way, then a LeggaWatt bike is for you.

Our LeggaWatt bikes will have your event rocking in no time. LeggaWatt provides a 240 watt fully portable public address system. Make announcements with the provided microphones.  The bikes can power any USB devices such as lights, fans and other toys. For educational purposes as soon as the rider stops peddling the music and charging stop.

We can curate a media playlist for your event or create your own.

Great for teaching about energy usage, voltage and alternative energy.

Hire LeggaWatt for your next event and start pumping out the good vibes where ever you are.


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We even offer a White Label package, so the bikes are professionally fitted with your own branding for your next event or promotion.

Take a look at our packages available here, or contact us to customise something to suit your needs.